Welcome to the Ultimate Olema Hotel Guide.

California is a rich and vibrant state full of hidden gems. Olema is a prime example of these gems. It is the perfect way to reach the coast and go off on your next adventure.

Make sure to read on to find the best hotels in the area.

  • Hotels near the Olema Beaches

    If there is one thing that Olema is known for, then it is probably its picturesque coastline. The gateway to the Pacific Ocean, no trip to the town of Olema would be complete without a quick visit to the nearby beaches. This article gives readers a quick rundown of what to expect on their Olema […]

  • Where to Eat and Where to Stay in Olema

    Olema is one of California’s premier destinations. The view of the ocean alone would be enough to convince you that you are in for a great vacation. There are so many things to do and so many sights to see that it is virtually impossible to cover everything in a day. This article serves as […]

  • Exploring Olema

    There are so many fun things to do in the town of Olema. Ideally located near the coastline, the idyllic town could serve to give you that getaway you’ve always wanted. Just put your headphones on and watch the horizon… It would be a real shame if you did not make the most of your trip.