If there is one thing that Olema is known for, then it is probably its picturesque coastline. The gateway to the Pacific Ocean, no trip to the town of Olema would be complete without a quick visit to the nearby beaches.

This article gives readers a quick rundown of what to expect on their Olema trip. It also gives them a few useful tips on how to choose the perfect hotel to stay in during their vacation.

Things to Do on the Beach

  • Sunset Watching – The Pacific Ocean offers visitors a great view of the sunset.
  • Strolling – You can take your significant other on a slow and romantic stroll on the beach.
  • Exploring the Lighthouse – Olema is known for one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the state of California. Make sure that you swing by.

Where to Stay

There are a number of hotels all over the town of Olema. We highly recommend that you book one that has a great view of the ocean. The smart thing to do would be to book your trip early to avoid the rush of visitors. Otherwise, you may have a harder time getting the perfect hotel.